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We Make Selling Products Online Simple

Utilizing a well designed shopping cart experience, content management system and by closely analyzing your traffic statistics, Big Country IT Services in Abilene, TX focuses on converting visitors into customers.

Shopping Cart Solutions

Shopping cart ecommerce solutions to sell your products online.The Internet is filled with plenty of e-commerce solutions, but not every solution is right for every company. We are experts in a variety of e-commerce platforms and will find that best e-commerce solution to fit your business needs. Whether you are an online retailer, vendor or chain, Big Country IT Services' e-commerce web design and development solutions will help you reach your customers, satisfy your business needs, and best of all, increase your revenue. A sleek, unique, customized and successful e-commerce solution is within your reach with Big Country IT Services.

Membership Sites

Big Country IT can supply the right membership site for your organization, club or event.Most people don't understand that community or membership sites are based on e-commerce platforms. Whether you charge for membership, allow open membership or restrict your members to certain users you need a solid framework and an engaging user experience to be successful. Big Country IT Services can help you select the platform that is right for you. Once you have the platform chosen, we can build a compelling user experience and teach you to manage the site, or we can handle all aspects on a managed services basis.



Knowing why and how your customers purchase is as important as how many visitors visit your site.To have an effective online e-commerce solution you need to understand your customers. Knowing how and why your customers buy, or visitors don't buy is critical for your success. Page views alone cannot provide the data you need to be successful. Analytics tailored to your solution are critical. You need to track conversion, abandonment, interaction, entry and exit points to find out how visitors interact with your e-commerce solution. Big Country IT Services incorporates e-commerce specific analytics into every solution we design.


Managed or Unmanaged, choose the solution that is best for you

Let Big Country IT manage your e-commerce solution or use a self service model.Big Country IT offers a complete range of e-commerce solutions. We can help you design a solution, deploy it and then continue to manage it or we can teach you how to manage the inventory and membership tasks yourself. Either way Big Country IT Services can provide on demand support to keep your solution running smoothly.


Contact Us To Get Started In The Online Sales Space

Whether you have an existing solution that you need enhanced, or just getting started, Big Country IT can help you meet your goals. By taking the time to understand what your business objectives are we can help you find the best solution that meets your needs and budget. Call (325) 267-6407 now to start down the road of a successful online presence.


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